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Book a professional and experienced DJ to guarantee your party to be a success. Click here to get an accurate quote.

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We let our customers provide us a Playlist. This gives the DJ a guideline of the music you like. Click here to fill in your personal playlist.

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DJ profiles and reviews

We work with a DJ roster of 75 DJs and have over 550 testimonials from delighted customers. Please click here to read our DJs biographies and reviews.

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DJs London hire – Why Book us?

DJs London hire – Why book us?

DJs London hire has a large DJ roster of 75 DJs to choose from. We have DJs with various nationalities to cater for any type of Party or Event. All our DJs are professional and have at least years of experience in playing at Clubs, Weddings, Party’s and Corporate Events. Experience is one of the crucial factors for delivering a good performance. A cheap amateur DJ with lack of experience will ruin your Party and cause disappointment. With experience comes the ability to read the crowd. All our DJs are experts in reading the crowd. They will make your guests dance and keep them on the dance floor all night. We offer an online playlist service. Our customers can hand in a playlist up to 30 songs for free. This will give the DJ an impression of the music you like and he will incorporate your favourite tracks at the appropriate time.

DJs London Hire provided the DJ for a House warming party in London.

In London for a House Warming Party. DJs London Hire provides Experienced and Professional DJs and Deluxe Discos in London.

In order to make people dance and enjoy themselves good quality equipment is a must. Spectacular lighting combined with clear and powerful sound will be much more appealing to your guests which makes it more likely for them to get on the dance floor and stay there! Why is our equipment different? The sound system and lighting we use is a mobile version of Club equipment. As a performer, you’re as good as what your audience can hear. The sound provided delivers consistent, powerful and clear coverage to your club, bar or venue. Our speakers bring the same sound to every single guest present in the venue. We spend more than most of our competitors on high quality and stunning lighting. Simply because it looks better and it will improve the atmosphere on the dance floor. The combination of a Good DJ providing Good sound and Good lighting will be the key for your party to be a huge success.

We want people to enjoy themselves and we will always try very hard to perform extremely well. People expect a good performance and we don’t want to fail. DJs London hire offers good value for the quality of attributes, service and experience. We feel personally responsible for making absolutely sure your event goes really well. We want to maintain our good reputation! DJs London hire works contractual, we won’t let you down.

In London for a Corporate Event with DJs London Hire

DJ Jason Dupuy performing for Kinnarpz UK Ltd. in the London Showroom.

To prove our track record we have displayed over 550 reviews from previous customers on our website. For more information on our DJs, their biographies and the 550 reviews please visit our DJ Profiles page. If you would like to get in touch with our friendly booking team call 01322 412494 or send an email to

DJs London hire is a division of Platinum DJs & Discos Ltd. Platinum has been supplying DJs and Deluxe Discos since 1997.





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DJs London hire – Why Book us?

DJs London hire – Why book us? DJs London hire has a large DJ roster of 75 DJs to choose from. We have DJs with various nationalities to cater for […]

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